20 de julho de 2009

Dragon Hunters (U)

Dragon Hunters for Nintendo DS is based on the world of the popular Dragon Hunter TV series and the full feature length animated CG movie by the same name, both created and produced by Futurikon. In the game developed by handheld veterans Engine Software, the player follows the adventures of two hunters-for-hire, Lian-Chu and Gwizdo, and their trusty friend Hector, on their quest for fame and fortune. Dragon Hunters is a platform action game where you will need the special skills of each character to overcome obstacles, like a variety of enemies, puzzles and platform challenges. A unique element of the game is the use of gravity: walk on walls and ceilings and explore twisting and turning levels to solve puzzles and reach hidden areas in the vast worlds of Dragon Hunters. Further features include powerful boss dragons in challenging 3D dual screen battles and competitive multiplayer mini games.

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