20 de julho de 2009

Chronos Twin DS (MULTI)

Chronos Twin DS is set in a fantastic world filled with puzzles, actions and absorbing places to explore. Chronos Twin DS provides the player with fresh and inspirational ideas, some of which have never been seen before in a videogame - being in two locations, different time zones at the same time with the same character. Double Action! Double Playability.
The story to Chronos Twin DS deals with a 'being' coming from another time and dimension to invade the planet Skyla The only purpose for this monster is to destroy and annihilate all around him, so forcing the inhabitants of Skyla to escape in their spaceships. Once they reach safety they notice that a space-time stellar door has been opened, and the only way to destroy the monster is by going back into the past where the door was opened.

The game includes a colourful and vibrant setting with variety and diversity of graphics; desert, caverns, temples, technological worlds. Also interesting are the enemies, which will time-travel instantly or use the past to alter the present. A host of inventive ideas honed to present gamers with as many surprises as possible.

The hero, Nec, has a range of normal weapons (upgraded throughout) and also a very powerful shotgun. The player can shoot horizontally and vertically and will need to be skilled and adept to win through! Another special movement is that Nec can slide, and this can be helpful to get through narrow spaces. You can also push objects which will aid in difficult situations and may be used to get to places you couldn't before. Players must search locations and keep a sharp lookout for various objects... In addition, you can stop time on one screen, so you can solve time puzzles.

To succeed, the player has to watch two screens; each one has unique and characteristic surroundings. For example, in the bottom screen (past time) the player can move and change the position of an object and the same object will be altered on the top screen (present time).

Chronos Twin DS has been designed with a gradual learning curve, which makes the gamer ease into Chronos Twin DS. Once the gamer progresses through a number of stages it will become increasingly challenging, and at this point the game shows its depth. Having learnt the basics rules and requirements players experience delight in both screens merging into one - Enjoy Up believe that is when you feel the uniqueness behind this incredible game!

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